Over 60 skiing skills videos

On this website there are over 60 skiing skills videos about different exercises, games, relay races and the special techniques of different disciplines. The videos are listed by the prevailing basic sport skill, and they are short and clear.

Support material is also available

The “Support material” -section includes printable material, such as ready-made lesson plans and games to support your teaching.

Balance skills

Ski cross

Land-sea-sky -game on snow

Jump turn

A parallel turn while skiing downhill

Snow plough turn on a slalom course

Slalom skating without poles

Slalom skating

The fastest two on skis

Skiing relay

Motion skills

Downhill relay

Uphill relay

Skiing in a circle while throwing a ball to each other

Skating backwards in a circle and changing direction

Skating in a small circle

Skating in an 8-shaped track

Skiing stance and taking off on flat ground

Complete jumps

Equipment handling skills

Floorball on snow

Dodgeball on snow

Soccer/soccer with an exercise ball

Ultimate and catchball

Ball-throwing relay

Throwing balls into buckets

Hitting wooden targets with balls

Hitting paper targets with balls

Special techniques

A complete jump




Skiing stance

Complete jumps



V2 Alternate

Support materials