Blizz’ Brave Jumper School

Blizz’ Brave Jumper School introduces kids and their parents to ski jumping. The course consists of ten lessons, during which kids will become familiar with ski jumping through inspiring and high-quality guidance. Kids will collect medal stickers in their course passes throughout the course, reaching the Diamond Level on the final lesson.


  • To provide high-quality activities
  • To inspire kids and their parents to practice snow sports
  • To provide sport clubs with new ideas and tools for organizing diverse activities


Blizz’ Brave Jumper School material looks like this.

For sports clubs

Blizz’ Brave Jumper School helps sports clubs to run high-quality ski jumping schools for families.

The Instructor’s Guide gives guidelines and tips for teaching, using the lesson plans,  self-assessment, feedback and for parent involvement.

The structure of the lessons has been planned so that every third lesson is a revision of the previous two lessons. Kids get a medal sticker in their course passes after every revision lesson.

The material package includes

  • One Instructor’s Guide -booklet
  • 20 lesson plans
  • The course passes and the neck ribbons
  • The medal stickers
  • The course diplomas

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