Kidz’ Snow Fun Tour

Join Blizz to an adventure-packed day filled with fun and excitement!

Kidz’ Snow Fun Tour

The Kidz’ Snow Fun Tour provided by the Finnish Ski Association, the Finnish Biathlon Association and Finnish winter sports clubs offers inspiring and diverse winter sports activities for primary schools on schooldays and through evening events for all children and their families.

Season 2022-2023

  • 23 cities on tour
  • 64 event dates for schools and families
  • Over 11 000 participants!

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    The family evening events are open to everyone. Check out when we stop by your hometown and come to experience the joy of winter sports!

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    Kari-Pekka Seppänen
    +358 44 0806943
    • Events like this are more likely to inspire kids to try out ski sports than just skiing.

    • As the number of towns that can be included in the tour is so limited, I dare not recommend this to others too much, lest we miss this next year!

    Images from the Kidz’ Snow Fun Tour

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